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I have just finished reading Nicky Hager‘s book “Other Peoples Wars“, and have been debating whether to write about it or not.

I have previously looked at Hager as a bit of a Looney Lefty and not that interested in what he had to say.  Suffice to say, he has gone up in my estimation considerably, he is literate, writes well and has a pretty canny grasp of human nature, and political/bureaucratic realities.

But, is it worth commenting on his book?

In some ways yes – absolutely.  Everything he wrote about a couple of years ago has been reinforced in spades ever since.  The whole GCSB Bill issue, the NSA and PRISM, Edward Snowden, And most recently the latest deployment of a RNZN Frigate to the Middle East to fight “Pirates”.  Only highlight further the veracity of Hagers claims and comments.

On the other hand, “other peoples wars” doesn’t just refer to NZ being finagled into fighting other peoples wars, it also refers to a certain tight sector of New Zealanders who are keen and willing for the country to be tied into the whole 5 Nation Alliance.  They have worked it, and the country has gone there, because they could.  They have the coherence, money, influence, seats of power, and desire to ensure that NZ stayed tightly aligned with the other Anglo powers.

Hager argues that alliance is little better than an imperial dictate by the USA.  And that the majority of New Zealanders don’t actually want to be that tightly aligned with them.

Certainly I don’t.  But so what?  I am nobody, a single voice cast adrift in an ocean.  I wrote once that maybe our current situation is ripe for transformation, even revolution, if we can build a big enough consensus, and a mass and momentum for change.

But if we could have, we would have.  There is no mass and momentum, at least not for change.

Yeah, there have been plenty of people bitching about the lying, cheating, stealing, double dealing, deceit, propaganda etc etc, that streams out of the status-quo Powers-That-Be.  And yet – nothing…  Nothing changes, and no mass or momentum develops.

So – silence is consent…

No, New Zealand involvement in America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not my wars, but they sure are the wish and desire of a lot of other New Zealanders obviously.  What Hager refers to as the “First Worlders”.  Apparently it is their world, not mine.

Que Sera.

Sure I can bitch and moan, but why bother.  If those other people want to go off to fight other people wars how is my opinion on that relevant.  I must be getting old, I don’t feel like I have to dispute them about this shit any more.

Sure I think they are fools.  And when I hear comments by people regarding the GCSB bill saying “if you haven’t done anything wrong, then you don’t have anything to fear…” I still think – what a fucking retard.  Seriously such people should be automatically banned from uttering their opinion in public and banned from any connection with politics.  They should probably be banned from breeding also.  But what can you do…?

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

There is plenty of info out there.  We know how fascism, tyrannies and police states are created.  If you can get off your arse and get a clue, then you won’t get conned into becoming a serf to a fascist dictatorship.  But we get the government we deserve .  And for that reason, I am not going to bother reviewing Hagers book and serving up the Cliff Notes in bite sized portions.  If you are actually interested in what is going on behind the scenes, then actually read the book.  Read lots of books.  And see just how much all the dynamics that Hager talks about have only been enhanced and expanded since.

Seriously, we know now fucked up it all is – and that some sort of Fall is inevitable at this point. We are just too damn stupid to get out of our own way.

However, at this point I am also more interested in thinking and writing about what we could do after the:

  • Fall
  • apocalypse
  • great reset
  • reckoning
  • crash
  • recession
  • depression
  • war

… take your pick which of these you think we will face.

This Blog will I hope in future focus more on what comes afterwards.  I am sick of being a wailing Cassandra – and nobody is listening anyway (ipso facto).

So I will try to stop worrying about other peoples wars.  They can go and do their own thing.  I don’t have any divine right to dictate what they or New Zealand should do.


Let me change the things I can.

Accept the things I can’t .

And have  wisdom enough to know the difference.




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