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Let’s Put to Rest These Myths about U.S.-North Korea

“… We are shown bountiful coverage of North Korean problems, such as Kim Jong-un’s own over-the top rhetoric, his government’s human rights violations, rapid development of nuclear missiles, and soldiers goose stepping, but hardly any coverage of American problems, such as our history of aggression on the Korean Peninsula, the “Military-Industrial Complex” that President Eisenhower warned about in 1961, and the ways in which Washington has been intimidating Pyongyang. Below is an outline of some myths that must be dispelled if Americans are to gain some basic understanding U.S.-North Korea relations today…”          more…




    Another topic I have been thinking about, and considered writing about.  Fortunately, if you wait long enough, some-one else does the hard work of writing. 

The article is rather long winded and not necessarily well structured or formatted.  But basically it does cover all the main points I have issues with too.  American aggression, intimidation, provocations and hypocrisy.  And not on a small scale either.

If the real object was to reduce tensions on the Korean peninsula, and reach a peaceful resolution, then Trump wouldn’t be handling it the way he is.  For all his talk pre-election about backing off from the war making, he has done a volte-face now he is in office.

For all the great things about the U.S. there are some deeply unsavoury and disturbing aspects as well.  As the article points out, the Korean problem is actually an American problem.

This should also be required reading for the rest of the world that isn’t American.  Far too many people accept the western MSM’s narrative uncritically.

Speaking of which… ask yourself exactly what on earth was going on here.  

The MSM narrative on this one simply does not hold water.








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