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Nassim Taleb Rages At The Bullshit Statistics Of War In Syria.

But it is not just the bullshitting of Steven Pinker: numbers for many wars seem to have been pulled out of a hat. Some journalist cites some person at a conference; it finds it way to Le Monde or the New York Times, and that number becomes fixed for future generations…

It hit me that I needed to look into the estimates of Syrian refugees in Lebanon –here again numbers are flying without much rigor, swelling upwards from report to report. But we can assess the bias: they are potentially overstimated. For, at a certain municipality in Lebanon, I was told that the number of refugees in the town, while large, was considerably lower than what was used by the bureaucrats of the U.N. The real number is about a third of what is published. While this is very optimistic for Lebanon, it is not good for the economics and funding of U.N. agencies and the lifestyle of their bureaucrats.

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changebelieve.jpg  Yeah right…  </sarc>

So, if “Change you can believe in” became business as usual.  And arguably even MORE of the Usual…

Then sooner or later the electorate that elected you on that platform (and did their best to tell you that things needed to change), are going to put their foot down and throw a wrench into the works.

One way or another they are going to have Change.



Whatever it takes!!!

So – how do you like them Apples ???




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