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There is a cooking expression.

To cook a rabbit – first catch your rabbit.

In other words, don’t put the cart before the horse.

There is a most direct and specific reason Paris has just been the scene of “Terror” attacks and bombings.

And it is not “because of Islamic State” or “because they are Terrorists” or “because they hate our freedoms” or “because they are extremist Muslims”.

It is because France has been bombing Syria for months, and sticking its nose into an area (the whole Middle East) for a long long time, that frankly it has no business interfering in.  But, they just can’t help themselves, can they…

Let me state this as directly as I can:  France got exactly what it deserved.

Not that you are going to hear that said publicly in the Media.



The presstitutes that constitute the Western media had a great incentive to buy in to the false story of the Paris attack, because they saw an opportunity to blame the attack on Snowden, who showed them up for what they are — whores who lie for the government for money.

TV program after TV program — even RT — presents citizens testifying how they welcome being searched by the police, because it makes them safe. As Benjamin Franklin once said, those who give up liberty for safety will have neither. But this is over the heads of the fearful and the presstitutes.

By now, my readers should be able to finish this story on their own.

The Nazis and others have made it very simple and clear: fear is a control mechanism. Terrorism creates fear, and fear drives fools into the hands of the government that created the terrorism that created the fear.

How has France brought this on themselves ???

How have they not… ?

When have they not ?!!!

  • the Gulf war(s)
  • North Africa
  • WWII
  • WWI
  • Sykes–Picot Agreement
  • Napoleon (Egypt and Syria)
  • Crusades
  • … And no doubt much, much more that I never heard or learnt about.

For around a thousand years the French have been sticking their noses into the Middle East.

(and Muslim lands in general – North Africa…)

Frankly I’m amazed it took this long for them to get it bloodied.

Seems they didn’t learn much from Vietnam after all.

But the rest of the world probably did – if you are prepared to endure western aerial bombing, and still keep fighting, and fighting, and fighting… then there is a decent chance you can kick the neo-colonialists out of YOUR country.

Here’s a thought for France (and all French people), and British, and Americans…

Get the hell out of the Middle East, stop interfering, and leave them the fuck alone.

And it it all goes to hell in a hand basket there, then Que Sera.

That’s their God-damn problem, not ours.

There is NOTHING we can do there that is going to make things “better”.

And if – heaven forbid – it might disrupt the flow of oil…

Then take that as a good opportunity to try to move away from an oil based economy.

Go on – give it a go, try your hardest to MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

And NO – “THEY” are NOT going to come crusading/jihading/invading our countries – unless of course you are deliberately provoking them.

They are Not the Nazi’s (whether you think they are Nasty or not).

And they are NOT going to become a second Umayyad dynasty -conquering the Maghreb, the Iberian PeninsulaNarbonnese Gaul and Sindh

Grow up.

Where have all the Adults gone ???   😦

( p.s.  Russia should know better as well  – but … again… NO. )


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