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JH Kunstler

Matrix of Lies.

Wall Street is only one of several financial roach motels in what has become a giant slum of a global economy.  What we’re seeing “out there” these days is the basic operating system of that economy trying to shake itself to pieces…

All of this mighty, tragic effort to prop up a matrix of lies might have gone into a set of activities aimed at preserving the project of remaining civilized. But that would have required the dismantling of rackets such as agri-business, big-box commerce, the medical-hostage game, the Happy Motoring channel-stuffing scam, the suburban sprawl “industry,” and the higher ed loan swindle.

All of these evil systems have to go and must be replaced by more straightforward and honest endeavors aimed at growing food, doing trade, healing people, traveling, building places worth living in, and learning useful things.  All of those endeavours have to become smaller, less complex, more local, and reality-based — rather than based, as now, on overgrown and sinister intermediaries creaming off layers of value

All of this inescapable reform is being held up by the intransigence of a banking system that can’t admit that it has entered the stage of criticality.

It is reasonable to believe that upsetting that faith might lead to war. After all, a number of places organized as nation-states will be full of angry, distressed citizens clamoring for sustenance and easy answers — and quite a bit of their remaining real capital is stored in the form of things that blow up.


James H Kunstler via Kunstler.com




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What is News ?

Well – what it is not is Entertainment.  That is something separate.

You can have Entertainment News, certainly.  And if you enjoy that sort of thing then good on you – more power to you I am sure.

But lets try and be honest (and logical) with ourselves for once please.


Sport – is entertainment.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous – is entertainment.

Murder trials and gratuitous video of violence – is entertainment…

“Fluffy dog” stories – are entertainment.

Commentary on other news media – is entertainment (and navel gazing and lazy by the media involved too).

And seeing how as that sort of story makes up half of what is presented in the Main-Stream-Media television “News”, then straight away, what we are being sold as news – is NOT News.

And much of what is left is also NOT-News, and is often ANTI-News.

ANTI-News – is Lies, Obfuscations, Dissembling, Propaganda and Biased reporting.

Which is pretty much all of the political reporting we get.

Hmmm… what do we have left – the Weather ?

Altho, half of that is entertainment too.

Are we really so pathetic, that we need to have our News served up to us as a mash-up of info-tainment ?

But back to our main thesis: what is News?  What is PURE NEWS ?

It’s a bit hard to define really.  A bit like beauty or something, I will recognise it when I see it.

Maybe there are also a number of defining characteristics we can measure it with, like:

  • Is this local.
  • Does this directly affect me.
  • If it is not local, does it have the genuine potential to become local and directly affect me.
  • Do I care about this (really).
  • Do I know any of the people involved.
  • If I never heard about this, would it matter in the slightest.
  • Why would anyone have an interest in telling me about this (what is their interest or agenda) ?

Let me know if you can think of any other measures.

I don’t mind entertainment, or infotainment.

But don’t sell it as News.

And I really DO object to Propaganda being sold as News.

Then again, I don’t like advertisements in general…


When DOES “spreading the NEWS“, actually become “News” ???

I have to acknowledge there is a hazy cross-over zone.












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News Round-up

Central Bankers Would Rather Blow Up the Entire System Than Admit Failure

It is now clear that Central Banks will do absolutely anything but admit failure. Japan has proven point blank than QE does not create growth. Instead of admitting this, the Bank of Japan has chosen to increase QE.  This is only going to usher in the next round of the Great Crisis that much faster. Only this time around, entire countries will go bust, NOT just banks…


And, so it begins……..

They have built a Doomsday machine… Make no mistake, the abomination is fast approaching… beam me up Scotty.


Japan: QE As Morphine For A Terminal Patient

You can jot down Halloween 2014 in your calendar, and it’s unfortunately too tragic to make proper use of the irony involved, as the day Japan committed suicide.

If and when a country resorts to having it central bank buy up – the equivalent of – all sovereign bonds it issues, the snake truly eats its tail, and not in a metaphorical sense. Japan eats it children (most of them as yet unborn) to keep its rapidly ageing population contented and in relative wealth – because the alternative would cost Tokyo’s financial-political power cabal their jobs and heads.


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