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The pessimist would argue that the glass is half empty.

The optimist would argue that the glass is half full.

The engineer would argue that the glass is the wrong size.




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So, are you the corporate type?

Are you right into the whole HR, PR, Blah, blah, blah…?

Or do you eschew that whole groupthink, psycho-babble?

Unfortunately, even if you don’t think you are, chances are you are wrong.  You are a comprehensively compromised, integrated and inculcated pawn in the system.

Even if you don’t work for a corporation and spout all the jargon about: “going forward, touching base, meeting targets, KPI’s, maximising this and that, continuous improvement, blah blah blah…”.  Even if you hate all that and reject it, have another look, and see if after-all you aren’t just a minion in the machine.

Consider this: how much of what you do directly supports and finances the corporate control of society?  Even if you personally believe that corporate greed, immorality and lack of conscience is a cancer in our midst, what is it that you actually do about it?  For that matter, do you even think at all about the role that Corporations play in our society?

However, look at it this way for a moment. What you are doing in your regular everyday life is directly supporting and promoting a system that has been described as being equivalent to a psychopath.  You pay for it to happen.  You make it profitable.

And here is how.

From the money you make in your job (your take home pay); how much of it do you give to giant corporations who’s direct and primary focus is profit above anything?  This is not going to get into the debate about whether companies and corporations need to make a profit – this is about the role that YOU play in the system.

Your pay is divided up into a range of obligations, discretionary spending choices, and maybe even some savings.  Now have another look at where your money goes.  First up, what are your biggest expenses?  If you are paying a mortgage, you are sending a big chunk of your cash directly to some of the biggest most ruthless corporations on the planet.  Yes, some of that money goes to the mom and pop depositors who provided the capitol that you borrowed.  But on a standard 20-30 year mortgage you pay the principle off three times over (if not more).  The banks are profiting very nicely out of you, let alone any fee’s or other charges you end up paying.  Lets not forget credit in general either, Visa, Mastercard, etc, at approx 20% interest.

So that’s a good (or bad) start, Something like half your income can be going to a corporation straight away; what about the rest of it?

After shelter, comes food.  Do your groceries come exclusively from a giant supermarket chain? What percentage, if any of your food budget goes to the local corner green grocers or butcher?  Do you support any small local retailers of food?  In that same vein, if you eat out at a restaurant, is it actually normally always a big global chain like MacDonalds or KFC?  Does the food come from a mega agribusiness corporation too? Is Monsanto and GM food involved?

When you shop at the Mall, do you also buy from the big discounters, Walmart, Target, the Warehouse?  Do you get your clothes from the Gap or similar.  Do you spend on “premium” brand names like Nike and Addidas?  Let alone the fact that the Mall is likely owned by a large multi-national corporation that takes a good cut of all sales.

How about your telecommunications, your utilities, even your water bill. Is that all directly to a big corporate multinational?  Is your cell phone made by a huge corporation and then serviced by one too? Do you own a Nokia connected to Vodaphone? The stats would suggest you probably do.  Or do you have a smartphone like an Apple iphone?  Even more money to the giant corporations.  How about your computer and your broadband connection?

Next up transport: Cars, planes, trains, shipping, public transport, fuel, accessories…  Toyota, Ford, Fiat, Boeing, Airbus, Airlines(all), Maersk, Federal Express, Infratil, BP, Shell, Exxon, Repco, Supercheap…  they are without exception giant corporations.  Unless you travel by bike, all your transport dollars will be going (almost without exception) to the corporates.

And after all those things are paid for, what else is left?  What do you spend money on that actually goes directly to a local person in your community?  One of the few area’s that is left is the local plumber, builder or electrician.  They are likely not a corporate entity (even if they deal with them directly).  But more often than not we complain when we have to use them, because they “cost too much”.

And there’s the rub.

The corporations are necessary in one respect, in order to have the economies of scale we desire, but they can also pitch their price-point just low enough to cut out the competition, and in this case that means anyone other than another corporation.  If corporations had a social conscience, that might not matter, but it has been conclusively demonstrated that ethics and big business have nothing in common.

And we are paying them to keep right on doing business as usual, we make it profitable for them to behave like psychopaths.

After you have finished adding up what percentage of your income you are paying to one corporation or another, what percentage is left over?  If it isn’t less than 10% (and likely a lot less) then you would be an exceptionally rare individual and are probably living in a shack in the woods.  Which means you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

So even if you don’t work for a corporation and babble all their lingo and jargon every day, guess what, you are still working for them, with every cent you spend.


It can even be argued that your taxes substantially go to supporting the corporations too…

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