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We do not see things as they are.

.                     We see things as We are.

~  Anais Nin




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Hi to anyone who may visit or read my blog on something like a regular basis.

I am going to put the blog on hold for a while. I have got a couple of other projects I am working on that are taking up a lot of time and energy. And quite frankly, there isn’t really any urgency or motivation for my brand of politics at the moment. The status-quo stumbles on pretty much as usual and all the old complaints and problems continue as well, but patently still well within the pain threshold.

So unless and until something changes radically and the world as we know it starts to genuinely fall over, there really isn’t much point in continueing to piss into the wind.

Politics is all about going with the flow and riding the wave. At the moment there is no wave, there is just chop.

Fine, I will take care of my own housework for a while.

I might return to post the odd message occasionally I expect, but only when I have spare time and the inclination.

I hope you all are getting along well and life is good.

Cheer  R.

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Here’s how to do a quick analysis of a political party or movement.

1. Follow the confession.
2. Follow the money.
3. Follow the media.


The confession of any movement is its statement of faith, what do its members believe to be true about five topics:





and the future


The money question is straightforward, how does the movement fund itself?

What might not be so straightforward is the actual finding out where exactly the money is coming from however. But the principle still applies .

This is relevant because of the golden rule – the person with the gold makes the rules. Politics is always and everywhere beholden and obedient to the money


The media question is about how a movement gets its message across to the public? Now there is a topic rarely is ever discussed, but it is actually pretty critical


After getting the answers to all of those questions…

Is it still the beast you imagined it to be origionally???

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Seriously – you will not find anything of value in the MSM (Main Stream Media).

If you want to find out what is going on, then you are going to have to put in the hours, find the places where truth gets told – and READ all about it.

Truth and wisdom is not going to be served up to you on a free to air cartoon network.

It won’t be dished up in easy to digest morsels.

YOU are going to have to WORK at teaching yourself, DISCIPLINING yourself and LEARNING.

You are the only person who can help/improve/develop you.

As the saying goes, thinking is the hardest thing in the world to do, thats why so few people do it.

Time to do some hard work.



I can point you in the right direction, but you are going to have to do it for yourself.

It wont be easy, but if you have got this far, then you already know that something seriously wrong. And the cost of doing nothing will be much, much higher than the cost of learning something new and difficult.



So… where to start?

How about here:


(including – and particularly – the Comments section)



If you can plow your way through this then there might be some hope for you.

Otherwise you are in serious danger of been mown down when the scythe strikes.

Best of luck.

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