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There are a lot of dodgey things that go on in this world.

Interestingly, a lot of it has to do with money.

People are doing things we particularly do NOT want them to be doing.

And we then go and spend even more money trying to stop them from doing what they are doing.

Which just leaves us chasing our tails, because they are always going to be one step ahead.  It is in the nature of evolution and self interest, it is human nature.

It is also an aspect of human nature to try and crack down on these offenders.  That route though leads to police states, and interesting enough it still doesn’t solve the problem either, like as not the crims end up running the State. Human nature.

There is only one realistic solution to the conundrum.

Stop paying people to do what you dont want them doing!!!!!

Whatever  you have to do to arrange things to achieve that, then that is what you have to do.  And find a way to make it work.

Be it bureaucracies, drug gangs, illegal immigrants, banking and finance, politics, wars… whatever – stop the flow of money and you kill it stone dead.


I had a Social Studies teacher in high school who put a radical idea to us. He said that Somalia and Saudi Arabia were both desert countries and that one had starving people and the other didn’t.   He said that people weren’t starving because they live in a desert country that can’t grow food – it was because they were poor, they didn’t have any money.  If they had money then they could import all the food they needed.  Saudi Arabia has petro-dollars, and one of the best standards of living in the world.  At least for those with access to the dollars.

Saudi Arabia also has Wahhabism, an extreme version of Islam, it exports to the world through prothelitising, missionaries and financial contributions.  (NB – it is Not a coincidence that Osama Bin Laden is Saudi)

If the world stopped buying Saudi oil, and cut off the money spiggot, Saudi Arabia would very quickly revert to being a poor desert backwater of no particular significance.

But oil, and/or energy would certainly cost us more.

So, which price would you sooner pay?

It behooves us to think very carefully about what we do with money.  And for goodness sakes, stop paying people to do things we dont want them to do.

If they are going to do something regardless, well that is for them to decide.  But we certainly don’t need to make it profitable for them.  That guarantees that it will become a growth industry.

Watch the money – where does it go, what does it do…. do you want it doing that?


What was the recent housing bubble all about for goodness sakes!!!

We set ourselves up for that by shaping an environment where people thought they could make money for nothing.  Every man and his dog though they were real estate geniuses.  And the fraud followed along like night follows day.  While there was money to be made we were happy to let the foxes run the chicken coup.  

Unsurprisingly it has ended badly.  What a surprise.

Quite frankly, we knew the money was going places it shouldn’t, but we let it happen anyway.

Could we have done anything anyway?  There is always the golden rule to consider.  The person with the gold makes the rules – and it used to be the Banksters who were making the rules, that was pretty hard to fight against.

However, they aren’t doing so well at the moment – an opportunity for revolution perhaps?  Relegate them to being facilitators of money and not the masters of it?

And regarding the golden rule – what rules do we want?


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